Cycling with the family in Amsterdam

Family Standing at the museumsquare in Amsterdam with bikes rented from yourcitybike in Amsterdam in Januari 2019

Why you should rent bikes with the family We know what you’re thinking – letting your kids loose on the bustling streets of Amsterdam sounds a little scary. Will they be safe, will it be fun, will they be capable of it? Let us show you why cycling with the family will be the best […]

Cycle Route: Museums of Amsterdam

Bicycle in front of the Rijksmuseum

Exploring Dutch culture by bike While you’re on a bike you’re already taking part in an integral aspect of Amsterdam culture. But there’s no substitution for the city’s astonishing array of museums and their celebration of all things Dutch. From history to art, science to photography, ancient to modern, this beautiful and compact city is […]

5 Bike Safety tips for Amsterdam

Cyclist biking in front of a tram

Cycling rules in Amsterdam made easy More than 58% of Amsterdammers cycle everyday. It’s not so hard to fit in, but there’s a few things to know before you set off. Your bike safety is of the highest importance to us, so we decided to make your life a whole lot easier. Following these 5 […]

Amsterdam Noord by bike

Noorderlicht Cafe lit up colourfully at night

North of the IJ It’s easy to forget there’s another chunk of Amsterdam. That is, if you haven’t already been there. Once you do, you won’t forget about it, or shut up about it, in a hurry. Yet it’s curious that even people who have visited the city a handful of times often haven’t taken […]

5 Great Places to Eat in Amsterdam

Making wraps at Lebanese Sajeria

Cast off your chains You’ll quickly notice that Amsterdam isn’t big on chains. Not of the bicycle variety – there’s probably more of them than people… But unlike many other cities, Amsterdam embraces independent cafes and restaurants.  From quirky hole-in-the-walls, to chic high-ceilings, Indonesian to Italian, settle in to grab-and-go, these 5 great places to […]

Traffic Signs for Bikes in Amsterdam

Cycling Path And Walking Traffic Sign Next To Each Other In Amsterdam At The Nieuwe Spiegelstraat Nearby Rijksmuseum 2

All you need to know about Dutch traffic signs for cyclists Right, so we’re not going to patronise you by telling you red means stop and green means go (whoops). Most traffic signs for bikes in Amsterdam are pretty universal, but in a city dominated by the bicycle there’s a few that catch visitors out. […]

How to Prevent Bike Theft

Tourist Locking A Rental Bike From YourCityBike In Amsterdam On A Canal 2

All you need to know about keeping your bike safe and secure In a country where bikes outnumber citizens you might think the the greatest collective concern in the Netherlands is that the humans will be overthrown by an uprising from their two-wheeled companions. Think again. Bikes are friendly and reliable creatures, whereas their human […]

Why rent a bike in Amsterdam?

Rent a bike Amsterdam, night time street

Why not? If you hear the word ‘Amsterdam’, what comes into your head? Most likely a combination of canals, weed, prostitutes, skinny houses, and of course, bicycles. There are a lot of bikes here. Over 850,000 – around one for every local. Cast your eyes in any direction and we bet you see a dozen. […]

Cycle Route: Amsterdam Forest

Touring Bikes rented from yourcitybike in amsterdam in the amsterdam forest also named amsterdam bos

Into the Woods Amsterdam Bos was made to be used by all the people of Amsterdam. Whether for a Sunday stroll, sport and recreation, or just sitting on the lawns, the vast area of grass and woodland was designed with everybody in mind.   More than just a beautiful place to visit, the forest also […]

Cycle Route: Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans sunset

In Search of Lost Windmills You may or may not be disappointed to hear there are only a few windmills left in Amsterdam. If Brouwerij ‘t IJ doesn’t quite satisfy your appetite for that pinnacle of Dutchness, Zaanse Schans is the one for you.     The place itself is a bit of a tourist […]