Discount Bike Rental Amsterdam

Discount Bike Rental Amsterdam

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This is how much it cost to explore amsterdam by bike

How much does it cost to hire a bike in Amsterdam?

As you can see in the overview below with all the bike rental prices you can rent your bike as cheap as only 8,50 per day at YourCityBike in Amsterdam. But it can get also very expensive like at A-Bike where you pay almost 70 EUR for just a 5 day rental! It is always wort to check the bike rental prices of different shops to make sure to not to pay too much. Besides the price it’s of course also really important to check always the reviews of the bike rental place to make sure that they don’t rip you off.

Bike rental prices in different bike rental shops in Amsterdam

Bike rental prices in Amsterdam

1 day

2 days

3 days

4 days

5 days







Discount Bike Rental


























Cheapest Bike Rental in Amsterdam

As you can see in the price overview, the cheapest place to rent a bike in Amsterdam is at YourCityBike. Besides of a very good price YourCityBike also offers very good quality Dutch bikes with handbrakes and 3 gears and they’ll also give you some great recommendations on where you can go and what you can see in Amsterdam by bike. YourCityBike is the most and best rated bike rental in Amsterdam!

Cheapest bike rental in Amsterdam
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How can I apply the discount code for bike hire in Amsterdam?

You can just simply pass by in our shop and when you pay tell one of the employees of YourCityBike that you have a discount code for bike rental. They’ll enter the discount code in their system and you’ll save 25% procent on the rental price! If you prefer, you can also easily reserve your bikes online. That’s the only way to fully secure yourself of having a bike in Amsterdam at YourCityBike for the best price. First go to the bike rental page  add the city bike to the basket and at the checkout you’ll be able to enter the discount code.

Discount Bike Rental Amsterdam at YourCityBike

-25% Discount Code:

Where can I pick up my rented bike in Amsterdam?

You can pick up your bike at the shop of YourCityBike in Amsterdam which is located in the city center of Amsterdam. Simply type it in into Google Maps or check the Location page to see how to get to the bike rental shop and pick up your bikes.

pick-up location for bike rental in Amsterdam
American passport for deposit

What do I need to rent a bike in Amsterdam at YourCityBike?

To rent a bike in Amsterdam moist of the bike rentals they need to charge you on your creditcard or you need to leave a physical national document plus 50 EUR per bike. The good news is that at YourCityBike the only thing you’ll need to leave as a deposit is or one ID up to 4 bikes or we can make an authorized hold on your creditcard.

Where can I rent bikes in Amsterdam?

In Amsterdam there many places to rent a bike. Most of the bike rental shops are located nearby the central station of Amsterdam, the Dam square, Rembrandt square and Leidseplein. 

YourCityBike is located right in the city center of Amsterdam and is always a maximum walking distance of 10 minutes.

Cycling Path And Walking Traffic Sign Next To Each Other In Amsterdam At The Nieuwe Spiegelstraat Nearby Rijksmuseum

Is it safe to bike in Amsterdam?

As you might walk in Amsterdam, you might think that it is very difficult to bike in Amsterdam. Nothing is true of that, of course only if you know how to bike. Amsterdam is the bike capital of the world and it’s the safest and fastest way to commute in Amsterdam, by bike.

Where can I bike in Amsterdam?

You can basically bike almost everywhere in Amsterdam. Exceptions for that are the busy shopping streets in the city center of Amsterdam. In all Amsterdam you can find designated cycling paths. More than 400KM! Also other traffic gives bikes the priority, or they just taking it! You you don’t feel very confident or if you need to practice first before going on the busy streets, than you can just walk to the biggest park in Amsterdam and just practice there. The Vondelpark is just 8 minutes walking distance from the YourCityBike shop. If you need some inspiration on where to go and what to see, you can visit our blog with all our recommendations. 

Touring By Bike In The Countryside Of The Netherlands