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Not much of a public transport fan?
Neither are we.

We understand the frustration of waiting for an overfilled metro, tram or bus while standing in the cold for a good amount of time only for it to be late or just missed. No one likes being cramped into a “Sardine can” and have as much trouble going into the metro/tram/bus when trying to get out.

Furthermore, the hassle of figuring out which, where and when to take it makes life so much more difficult and only being able to pay with card makes matters worse and confusing.

What do our customers say?

We rented 5 bikes and took them around Amsterdam, Utrecht, Gouda, Hague, Leiden, Haarlem and back to Amsterdam over 3 days. The bikes were study and well put together and didn't give us any trouble but we had tool provided just in case. The staff were really helpful and in good spirits that gave us encouragement to get cracking and adventure, Thanks guys!
Jack, Australia
Definitely the best place to rent a bike in Amsterdam. This place has comfortable and quality bikes that will fit all. The employees made sure to adjust the seat to my height. YourCityBike was the most affordable bike rental shop I could find; beating competitors in hours of operation, quality, and price. They even personalised a map of the city for me, pinpointing the best places to shop, eat, sight see, take tours and just ride for fun. Hands down great experience!​
Ian, Portugal
This is my third time renting bikes from YourCityBike and they never disappoint! They always provide a great service and fantastic bikes! It doesn't matter at what time you go there, they will always make you feel welcome. The guys deliver a great service by providing you map recommendations and suggesting the hidden gems of the city.
Justin, USA

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Still feeling uneasy about cycling being the safest way to travel around Amsterdam?

We get it, it’s busy in Amsterdam. Cyclists dominate the roads, pedestrians walk where they shouldn’t and on top of that, there are cars everywhere. This is why we would like to ensure you that cycling in Amsterdam being the safest and most trusted form of transportation.

Embrace the freedom

You could regain all your freedom and dignity by simply using a bike to get from A to B or Z. We have a variety of bikes to fit every person’s need and if you’re not sure what your best fit would be, we are more than happy to help by recommending you the best bike for the job! This is why cycling in Amsterdam is your best and safest bet.

Not much
of a cyclist?

Family renting a bike sitting on a bench in Amsterdam

Not much
of a cyclist?

Don’t worry too much about it, we’re experienced Amsterdam cyclists. To ensure that you’ll have the best time, we provide a brief explanation of the bike’s mechanics and locations that suit your level of expertise.  Let us direct you to the largest and most elegant park in Amsterdam. The Vondelpark is just 5 minutes further down and is the perfect practice ground. There are no cars allowed to enter, just cyclists and pedestrians. This will enable the most pleasurable experience and build up your confidence.

Not sure
where to go?

Tired of debating with friends or family about the must-see and dos? Let YourCityBike help you with this. Our in-store staff will provide you with a set of recommendations while using a map and images to illustrate what there is to do and see. Also if they’re any other requests besides the recommendation we give you, our staff will help you with that as well.

Not sure
where to go?

Recommandations For Biking in Amsterdam

Our most popular bikes for rent

YourCityBike City Bike Rental in Amsterdam with gray background

City Bike

Great collection of brand new high-quality 3-speed city bikes with handbrakes. Men’s and women’s bikes always available in different sizes.

YourCityBike Quality Touring Bike Rental In Amsterdam with grey background

Touring Bike

We don’t want to sound all sappy but this is truly the most romantic way to tour around all of Amsterdam’s landmarks. Take full control of the road and let camera duties up to your significant other!

YourCityBike Cargo Bike Rental For Families In Amsterdam

Cargo Bike

If you don’t feel comfortable letting your kids take on the biking lanes – our cargo bike is your best bet! You can easily fit two to three kids (or even a doggy) in our sturdy bicycle.

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YourCityBike Employees In Amsterdam

Only brand new high quality bikes

Concierge style service

Longest opening hours in Amsterdam

Consider us as the concierge
of the bike rental in Amsterdam

We’ve been in the market just over a year and have exponentially grown into one of the top reviewed rentals within the City. The main reason for our growth is due to the excellent customer service we provide. You have a look at our reviews from our happy customers online on Google, Trip advisor, and Facebook.
YourCityBike Bike Rental Shop In Amsterdam Nearby Leidseplein At Kerkstraat 27

Don't believe us?

If you’ve ever rented bikes here before, you’d notice how poorly maintained and boring the bikes are. We want to ensure you that you’d be riding the top of the line, well maintained exciting bikes. We have a large variety of bikes for every rider’s needs. Come by and give it a try for yourself and be prepared to be amazed and make your friends jealous.