• 3 Gears
  • Handbrakes
  • 2 strodng locks
  • Front and backlight
  • Anti-puncture tires
  • Perfect fit from 150cm - 190cm

Price Overview YCB CITY

About The YCB CITY

If you’re looking for a typical Dutch city bike, than you should definitely choose the YCB CITY.


This bike is a great option for those that want to take their time and make some beautiful pictures with the bikes.

The YCB CITY is equipped with handbrakes in the front and back, lights in the front and back, two strong locks and a bell.


In our collection you’ll be able to find different frame sizes and besides of that we’ll make sure to adjust the seat and the handlebars so the bikes fits you perfectly.

Rental Necessities

In orde to rent a bike at YourCityBike we need to ask for a deposit.


We offer two options with bike theft and damage insurance:


– You can leave one valid ID as a deposit up to 4 regular bikes. We accept Driver License, Passports and National ID cards.


– We can make an authorization on your CreditCard of €100,- per bike.

After retiring your bike we’ll release the deposit from your CreditCard

About The Optional Bike Theft And Damage Insurance

To avoid financial risks in case of theft or any damages to your rented bikes we offer a bike theft and damage insurance.


The Insurance covers fully all the damages that are made to the bike.

In case of theft you’ll still need to pay an own risk of €50,- per bike instead of the value of the bike which is €450,-



Prices Optional Bike Theft And Damage Insurance

3 hours: €1,95

6 hours: €2,45

24 hours: €2,95

Extra day: €2,95